Charles Springs

About Charles Springs

Charles Springs is located approximately 5 miles South of Dowling Park. This County Park consists of 5 acres of land along the Suwannee River and has been designated as a historic site. Legends surround the spring which was once home to Ruben and Rebecca Charles back in the mid 1800’s when they operated a trading post and ferry. The small shallow spring has a diameter of about 25 feet and a depth of 2 – 10 feet. The area is heavily wooded and features a nice bluff overlooking the Suwannee River. There is a one lane, paved boat ramp and parking area and wooden steps leading down to the spring. The park is also along the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail route from White Springs to the mouth of the Suwannee at the Gulf of Mexico.

What You’ll Find At Charles Springs

  • One picnic table and grill
  • Paved parking area
  • Paved boat ramp
  • Small spring and spring run to river
  • Walking trails
  • Portable restroom

Directions to Charles Springs

15465 237th Drive
Live Oak, FL 32060

GPS Coordinates: 30 10’1” N, 83 13’49” W