Pee Wee & Junior Tackle Football Playing Rules

Teams will play games at Paul Langford Stadium, home of the Suwannee High School Bulldogs.  Additionally, away games may be played at Hamilton County Parks and Recreation in Jasper, at the Madison County Recreational Complex in Madison, and at Memorial Stadium in Lake City.

FHSAA rules apply except as noted

  1. All players must be appropriately dressed for play.  Coaches should check prior to each game and practice that players:
    1. Have and are wearing a protective mouthpiece
    2. Have appropriate footwear
    3. Have shoulder pads in good condition (all buckles and straps are intact and securely fastened, no cracks or chips in the plastic, no exposed metal pieces, etc.)
    4. Have a helmet in good condition with a plastic or rubber facemask
    5. Have all protective pants pads in their correct position and in good condition
  2. Teams will kick off from the 40 yard line by place kick only.  All players are eligible to kick off.
  3. Each player must have a starting position on offense and/or defense (unless the total number of players on your team is greater than 22), special teams is not considered to be a starting position.  Make sure all your players play!
  4. Each player must play in a minimum of half of each game.  The purpose of the Youth Football League is to teach participants how to play football.  The best way for your players to learn the game is to be an active participant rather than a passive observer.  It is the responsibility of the coaching staff to ensure that each player receives ample playing time.
  5. Games consist of four quarters lasting eight minutes each
    1. One minute break between quarters and for timeouts
    2. 10 minute break for halftime which may be shortened with mutual consent from both head coaches and the Referee
    3. NOTE: The game may be shortened at any time during the second half if in the opinion of the Referee one team is attempting to run up the score
  6. The intercollegiate free substitution rule is used on all substitutions
  7. Players lined up on the line of scrimmage cannot receive a handoff or a pass in the backfield
    1. PENALTY: First offense = 15 yards, Second offense = ejection of the player
  8. Only one player may be in motion at the snap of the ball as long as their motion does not take them towards the line of scrimmage
  9. Extra point(s) after a touchdown will be scored as follows:
    1. One point for successful running/passing plays
    2. Two points for a successful kick (the defensive team cannot rush the kick attempt)
  10. The defensive team may not rush a punt by the offense.  The players on the punting team cannot go down field until the ball has been kicked.  Teams must notify the officials of their intent to punt.  NO FAKE PUNTS ARE ALLOWED.  The defensive team may attempt to block the punt from their side of the line of scrimmage.  No contact should be made between teams until the ball has been kicked.  Defensive teams must have seven players on the line of scrimmage prior to the punt.
  11. Coaches are NOT permitted on the field during game play except for timeouts, breaks between quarters/halves, or if they are attending to an injured player.